The Association of Food Scientists and Technologists

About AFST(I): The Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India), established in 1957, is one of the largest professional and educational organizations, with around 2500 members - food scientists and technologists, across the globe. The major objective of AFST(I) is to stimulate and advance knowledge base on various aspects of Food Science and Technology by organizing National and International Conferences and bringing out technical publications including prestigious journals-Journal of Food Science and Technology (JFST) and Indian Food Industry Mag (IFI Mag). The association recognizes talent and excellence in the profession of Food Science and Technology by conferring various Awards and Fellowship

Some of the key benefits of AFST(I)

  • Exposure to national standards for food products.
  • Industrial exposure for students.
  • Deeper and better knowledge for students.
  • Information & guidelines for young entrepreneur in the industry.
  • Learn management techniques and decrease post harvest waste.
  • Ways to maintain good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the industry.
  • Role of microorganisms in industry for numerous purposes and their importance.
  • Economical terms and basic knowledge of augmenting and product development.
  • Increase the basic knowledge with assistance from experts and clarification of doubts.
  • Exhibitions and workshops for better exposure providing deep knowledge and more open ended problems & solution.

Objectives AFST(I)

  • Industrial visits
  • Exhibition visits
  • Journal discussion
  • Magazine discussion
  • Expert talk and interaction
  • Present product discussion
  • Machine discussion and possible changes
  • Latest research topics
  • Skill development in various branches
  • Legal terms, procedures, documentation for food processing technology
  • Laboratory practical sessions
  • Methods to maintain hygiene conditions in industry
  • Role of microorganisms in food industry and improvements
  • Supply chain management for perishable products
  • Waste management
  • Ways for packaging, post-harvest and preharvest wastes
  • Preservation non-chemical, non thermal
  • Schemes by government of India for food technologists

Executive Body

Student Activity Body

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