Automobile Engineering Department Profile

Our students are able to compliment the demand from industry and societal cause competitively

Impart fundamental knowledge to students on the relevant subjects with focus on practical applications of latest technology and interaction with industries

Programme Outcomes
• An ability to relate knowledge of engineering, science, mathematics, Management & Humanities, for Automobile and Mechanical Engineering fundamentals
• Learning through experiments conducted in various laboratories along with its evaluation and data interpretation
• An ability to function on multidisciplinary squads, related to Automobile Engineering
• An ability to define and solve Automobile engineering problems
• An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility
• An ability to connect efficiently, with latest developments in Automobiles
• To understand the impact of engineering results in a global, economic, environmental, and social context
• Knowledge of modern-day technological developments in Automobile Engineering
• An ability to use the skills, expertise and modern engineering tools used in automobile engineering industries

Programme Educational Objectives
• Prepare students ready for Industry
• Encourage to take up innovative projects
• Motivate, Guide and support students for participating in National level competition events for out of class room practical learning, development of a professional with ability to handle management of finance, human resource management skills and learning to work in team and problem solving
• Inculcate / initiate entrepreneurship thinking process
• Arrange visit to Automotive Industry and research organizations
• Arrange webinars for updating knowledge of latest developments for students and faculty members
• Industry Institute Interaction, Alumni Interaction and periodic meetings with parents

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