Civil Engineering Department Profile


To impart the knowledge, inculcate the creativity and develop the leadership skills to transform the students into competent professionals who can excel in the field of Civil engineering and serve the society at large.


  1. To nurture excellence and promote the growth of learning environment.
  2. To create state of the art infrastructure, including innovative technology for research, teaching and consultancy.
  3. To facilitate effective interactions among faculty and students, and foster networking with alumni, industries, institutions and other stake-holders.

Programme Outcomes
  • To demonstrate the knowledge of basic engineering, mathematics and sciences
  • To provide basic level competency in four specialized areas of civil engineering (Environmental; Hydraulics & hydrology; Structure, mechanics & materials and Transportation)
  • To exhibit the ability to operate, control, design, identify, analyse and solve problems related to engineering, management and community development
  • To develop An ability to design and conduct experiments and to analyse and interpret experimental result
  • To develop an understanding of elements of project management, construction and asset management
  • To instil the ability to work on multi-disciplinary engineering problems through systematic approach
  • To display dignity and integrity in their pursuit for knowledge through several activities
  • To be effective in formal and informal communication in both verbal and written form and develop managerial skills
  • To show the ability in undertaking problems of technological significance with a motive to serve the society
  • To grow confidence for self education and ability for life-long learning

  • Programme Educational Objectives
    1. To produce Civil engineering graduates who can excel in their professional career and / or higher education by acquiring knowledge in basic engineering principles.
    2. To produce Civil engineering graduates who can analyse any real-life problem and design structures which are not only safe and economical but also socially acceptable & environmentally sustainable.
    3. To produce Civil engineering graduates who can exhibit attitude, professionalism, ethics, ability to communicate with team members and adapt to the latest trends by engaging themselves in lifelong learning.
    4. To produce Civil engineering graduates who can function successfully in a professional environment by utilizing and enhancing their problem-solving and communication skills.

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