Electrical Engineering Department Profile

The vision of the Electrical Engineering Department is to impart quality Electrical Engineering education to our students and see them equipped with comprehensive understanding of Electrical Engineering, grounded in basic foundation of Physical Science, Mathematics, and Computing & Technology - to produce an innovative generation of Electrical Engineers to meet the future global Engineering challenges

The mission of Electrical Engineering Department is to disseminate teaching, research and service designed to create technocrats with a strong theoretical foundation, practical engineering skills, experience in interpersonal communication and teamwork, and a lifelong emphasis on ethics, professional conduct and career challenges

Programme Outcomes
• The power sector seeks highly skilled, efficient, competent and dedicated Power Engineers. In this present era of industrialization, the scope and opportunities of Power Engineers are boundless.
• The course provides integrated and advanced knowledge to the Electrical Engineering students. The course is self-sufficient and would prove to be a working platform for those who desire to build their career in Academics & Power Sector.
• To demonstrate the knowledge of basic engineering, mathematics and sciences
• To exhibit the ability to operate, control, design, identify, analyze and solve problems related to engineering, management and community development
• To carry out to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data through simulations
• Graduates will exhibit the ability to design and manufacture products, develop processes and systems which are cost effective, technologically advanced and meets the environmental challenges
• To instil the ability to work on multi-disciplinary engineering problems through systematic approach
• To develop skills to use modern methods of engineering, software tools, high-tech equipments and facilities to solve various problems
• To display dignity and integrity in their pursuit for knowledge through several activities
• To be effective in formal and informal communication in both verbal and written form and develop managerial skills
• To show the ability in undertaking problems of technological significance with a motive to serve the society
• To grow confidence for self education and ability for life-long learning
• To be successful in competitive examinations

Programme Educational Objectives
• To prepare the students, with sound academically background, with extensive and intensive development of knowledge and skills, and with an uncompromising attitude to achieve excellence in the electrical engineering
• To build broad engineering core competence and to enable the students to solve the problems systematically by providing them exposure to different dimensions of specializations
• To train the students to analyse the practical problems and to make them able to integrate software and hardware modules for designing and development of cost effective products
• To instil the sound foundation in mathematics, computing techniques, science and humanities along with professional courses and to provide a conducive environment for futuristic thinking in an increasingly technology dependent society
• To provide a platform to the students to plan and shape their career in the chosen field and to imbibe moral and ethical values with thorough professionalism and encouragement towards entrepreneurial thinking

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