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ISHRAE started at Delhi in 1981 and a Chapter was started in Bangalore during 1989. Between 1989 & 1993, ISHRAE Chapters were formed in all major cities in India and also in the Middle East. ISHRAE is an Indian society of heating, Refrigeration and Air- conditioning, is a building technology society. The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education, ISHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today.

ADIT ISHRAE Student Chapter sponsored by ISHRAE Ahmadabad Chapter.

Why we will join ADIT ISHRAE Student Chapter?

Some of the key benefits that the Student Community gains as follows:

While we have a long way to go in consolidating these efforts and providing further benefits to the students we are confident that we have started in the right direction. The role of the Faculty Advisor in each of these institutions and the mentors from each chapter from the ISHRAE fraternity have key role in anchoring this initiative to greater heights. We are positive and have even bigger dreams to make the core industry once again a bastion for the students.

ISHRAE Student Membership Annual Fee: Rs. 550.00

ADIT ISHRAE Student chapter team for year 2017-18.

Sr. No Name of Students Designation Membership No. Contact No.
1 VARSHIL RAJIVBHAI PARIKH President S00028406 9409562015
2 TUSHAR RAJESH BAVSKAR Secretory S00030896 9427140034
3 JAY HITENDRAKUMAR PATEL Treasure S00028716 7698763727
4 DONAL RAJUBHAI PATEL CWC member S00025025 9537346708
5 SATISH PREMSHANKAR JOSHI CWC member S00031244 9461577126
6 VED P PATEL CWC member S00031352 9998965523
7 PANCHAL YASH M Elect. President (2018-19) S00031109 816050391

Total Members of ADIT Student chapter till 15th September: 32

Faculty Coordinator Prof. Ronak R Shah (20203)
Contact No. : 9426375505
Faculty ISHARE Member

Name of Faculty Membership No. Contact No
Dr. V.N. Singh (Head, ME) 20205 9427603032
Dr. M I Shah (Professor, ME) 20204 9429543108
Prof. Abhishek Pandey (Assist. Professor, ME) 34081 9909565105
Prof. Sanjeev Rajput (Assist. Professor, ME) 34076 9558214818

Activities carried out by ADIT ISHARE Student Chapter in 2017/18

Sr.No. Title of activity Date Duration No. of participants
1 Expert Lector on Types of Heat Exchanger in HVAC by Himanshu Shah 6/9/2017 1 hrs 180+
2 Industrial Visit at Voltas Pvt. Ltd., Selvas 8/9/2017 One day 33

ADIT ISHARE Student members participate in various activity

Sr. No. Title of activity Date Place No. of participants
1 Technovation 2017 organized by VADODARA ISHARE Chapter Topic: Best tools and practices to be followed in HVAC 19/8/2017 Vadodara 5
2 Technovation 2017 organized by VADODARA ISHARE Chapter Topic: Refrigerants – New refrigerants, Properties and Govt. protocols 26/8/2017 Vadodara 3
3 Technovation 2017 organized by VADODARA ISHARE Chapter Topic: Introduction to refrigerated air dryer 2/9/2017 Vadodara 1

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