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Chairman's Message

Education is said to be the transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization.

Principal's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to greet and welcome you all on behalf of the entire ADIT family.

List of Important Phone Numbers:
Preliminary Contact
  • Reception: 02692 - 233680
  • Mr Jignesh Patel Receptionist/Jr Clerk
    Office: +91-9723566874
    Email: info@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Vishal Singh
    Phone No: +91-9427603032
    Email: principal@adit.ac.in
Admin Section
  • Dr. Nimit Patel
    Phone No: +91-9558618236
    Email: patel_nimit22@yahoo.com
Admission Inquiry
  • Dr. A S Kulkarni
    Phone No: +91-9427403538
    Email: admission@adit.ac.in
Academic Section
  • Dr. Anil S. Nandane , I/C Academic Section/ Academic Verification
    Phone No: +91-9924947589
    Email: academic@adit.ac.in
  • Mr Nirmal Sharma, Academic Section/ Bonafide certification
    Phone No: +91-9925767817
    Email: academic@adit.ac.in
Account's Section
  • Mr Pradip Patel, Accountant & I/C OS: +91-9824393307
  • Mr. Harshul Dabhi, Jr. Clerk Office (FEE Collection): +91-8866626291
  • Mrs Sejal Patel, Jr Clerk Office Accountant /HR: +91-9408277902
  • Mr Jignesh Patel, Jr Clerk Office (Transportation/Pass): +91-9723566874
  • Mr Kishan Patel, Jr Clerk (Office/HR): +91-9909360268
  • NOTE: For any account related queries mail at office@adit.ac.in
Cultural Section
  • Prof. Chinmay Joshi, Cultural coordinator
    Phone No: +91-9586561356
    Email: ce.chinmay@adit.ac.in
Food & Hygine Section
  • Dr Pravin Prajapati, I/C Hygiene and Food
    Phone No: +91-9429367045
    Email: ec.pravin.prajapati@adit.ac.in
General Supervision
  • Mr. Mahendra Gohil, General Supervisor
    Phone No: +91-9979541682
    Email: mahendrabhai63@adit.ac.in
Hostel Section
  • Prof Bhaumik J Sheth , Rector Boys Hostel
    Phone No: +91-9998267201
    Email: rector@adit.ac.in
  • Prof Ishita Theba, Rector Girls Hostel
    Phone No: +91-9909977596
    Email: thebaishita@adit.ac.in
  • Mr Mukesh Patel, Jr Clerk Office/Hostel
    Phone No: 91-9979939870
    Email: mukeshpatel@adit.ac.in
Head of the Departments
  • Dr. Dinesh Prajapati, Coordinator Department of Artificial Intelligence
    Phone No: +91-9925042680
    Email: coordinator.ai@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Sanjay Patel, Head, Automobile Engineering
    Phone No: +91-9426233297
    Email: head.ae@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Rajiv Bhatt, Head, Civil Engineering
    Phone No: +91-9428488052
    Email: head.civil@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Bhagirath Prajapati, Head, Computer Engineering
    Phone No: +91-9824337174
    Email: head.cp@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Gopi Bhatt, Coordinator, Computer Science & Design
    Phone No: +91-9979270920
    Email: head.cds@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Mitesh Shah, Head Department of Dairy Technology
    Phone No: +91-9429543108 +91-8460080795
    Email: head.dt@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. S Srivastav, Head, Food Processing Technology
    Phone No: +91-9428901917
    Email: head.fpt@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Pravin R. Prajapati, Head, Electronics & Communication
    Phone No: +91-9429367045
    Email: head.ec@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Hardik Shah, Head, Electrical Engineering
    Phone No: +91-9824394393
    Email: head.ee@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. N C Chauhan, Head, Information Technology
    Phone No: +91-9377559385
    Email: head.it@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. Y D Patel, Head, Mechanical Engineering
    Phone No: +91-9428799545
    Email: head.me@adit.ac.in
  • Prof Mukesh Patel I/C, Maths Cell
    Phone No: +91-9426341608
    Email: head.maths@adit.ac.in
  • Dr. S K Misra I/C SSS Cell & First Year Coordinator
    Phone No: +91-8511373969
    Email: fycoordinator@adit.ac.in
Library Section
  • Dr. Kalpesh Chudasama, I/C Library
    Phone No: +91-9427592634
    Email: aditlibrary@adit.ac.in
Placement Section
  • Mr. Minesh Amin, Head, IIIP & Placement Cell
    Phone No: +91-9726954588
  • Mr. Devang Shah, T&P Officer
    Phone No: +91-9824984583
    Email: placements@adit.ac.in
Sports Section
  • Dr Kiran Patel, Sports
    Phone No: +91-9428151682
  • Prof Yagnesh Gambhava, I/C Sports
    Phone No: +91-9824384884
    Email: sportsadit@adit.ac.in
Scholarship Section
  • Prof Jayandrath Mangroliya, I/C Scholarship
    Phone No: +91-9998989422
  • Mr. Vipul Patel, Jr Cerk Office/ Scholarship Cell
    Phone No: +91-9409639242
    Email: scholarship@adit.ac.in
Women Section & Grievence Cell
  • Prof Gopi Bhatt, I/C WDC
    Phone No: +91-9979270920
    Email: ce.gopi@adit.ac.in
  • Prof Sankalp Bhatiya, I/C workshop
    Phone No: +91-9173062878
    Email: me.sankalpbhatiya@gmail.com
Other Contacts
  • Mr Arjun Padhiyar (Driver): +91-9909826372
  • Mr Romal Patel (Electrician): +91-8980249493
  • Mr. Vakath Sinh (Plumber): +91-9913557848
Visit us at:
A.D.Patel Institute Of Technology
New Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Post Box:-52
Vitthal Udyognagar-388121
Dist:-Anand(Gujarat) India
WhatsApp Number :+91-9427603032

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